trainig management was never easier

Athlete management
Manage all athletes and their data
neatly sorted in a list
Equipment management
Each athlete can have his own equipment
managed to be easily selected when training
Team management
Create teams and assign athletes to them
Teams can then be used in traininssessions
to quickly access certain athletes
Trainings management
Create teams and assign athletes to them
Teams can then be used in trainings sessions
to quickly access certain athletes

Analyse.Ski offers a range of functionalities to make tracking your team’s training regime easy and comfortable. Manage slopes, disciplines, athletes, and training runs all from the comfort of your palm. Designed by professionals, for professionals.

See clear at night and day

And More

On-the-go coaching

Analyse.Ski makes use of the advantages that a smartphone carries to provide a way of keeping track of training regimes without having to transport bulky clipboards or notebooks. is available on Android phones featuring Android 5.0 or higher.

Glove-friendly interaction

We know that using a phone while wearing gloves can be frustrating. features big buttons and swipe gestures to maximize the comfort of the experience and to keep your hands warm.

Easy to use is designed with you in mind. It offers an intuitive and fast training setup with well crafted steps to offer you a comfortable experience. We know that contrast is important when you’re surrounded by white snow, which is why offers a night mode so that you can keep the strain on your eyes to a minimum.

Training sessions

Create training sessions with detailed information on weather, slope conditions, terrain and much more in just a few clicks. Specify runs, intermediates, gates, and starting order beforehand, and keep track of guest athletes, all from the comfort of your phone.

Equipment management offers a way to keep track of your athlete’s equipment at all times. You can make records of all sets of gear to reflect the ski number, brand, and discipline and use these records when setting up a training run so you can always know what equipment was used for which runs.

Export results

Once a training has been finished, it can be exported via email in form of a detailed table, containing information on the run conditions, the athletes, and the run results, so that it can be reviewed easily from different devices.

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